How Far I’ve Come

Last weekend I picked up some heavier kettlebells to train with.  I remember at last year’s Summit of Strength, Jeff O’Connor, Master RKC, telling the men to use some “manly” kettlebells, not the sissy light ones.  He meant kettlebells over 24 kg (53 lbs).  So, taking his advice, albeit almost a year later, I got a pair of 24 kg, a pair of 28 kg (62 lbs), and a 32 kg (72 lbs).  I remember when I got my first 24 kg how small the 16 kg and even 20 kg kettlebells looked next to it.  Now my 24 kg kettlebells look pretty small next to the 32 kg.

Yesterday I picked up and pressed the 28 kg on each side.  It felt good and surprisingly didn’t require a lot of effort.  This is significant, because I proved to myself how far I’ve come since I first picked up a kettlebell (an 8 kg on June 21, 2010—interesting that in retrospect I consider that date as a milestone) and even since I certified RKC on May 1, 2011.  During the cert I set a PR by pressing the 28 kg with my right arm (my “stronger” side); I couldn’t do it with my left arm.

Yesterday I also picked up the 32 kg and cleaned it with each arm.  I tried to press double 32 kg kettlebells at a workshop on March 24 but I wasn’t able to.  I will press the 32 kg with each arm and eventually press double 32’s.  I know I will because I will continue to improve in my training, but most important, I will do it because I want to.  I want to continue to show myself how far I’ve come.



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