What if

What if you knew you couldn’t fail?  What if you knew for sure that this time, this would really work, that you would finally be successful?  What if you chose to be brave?  What if you didn’t let fear overtake you?  What if you believed in yourself?  What if you didn’t fear failure?  What if you didn’t fear success?  Yes, success.

There’s a certain amount of responsibility that comes with achieving success, reaching a goal.  If we don’t reach that finish line, we still have an out that not becoming successful affords us.  Reaching the goal, achieving success, we have to live up to ourselves.  We have to keep on being successful, keep on achieving.  And that can be a very scary thing to some of us.  “Jeez Louise, accomplishing this seemingly monumental goal is scary enough, but once I do, you mean I’m gonna have to do it all over again???  And something even bigger and better and even scarier???  Um, no.  No thank you.  I think I’ll stay where I am, thank you very much – even though I’m miserable.”

Think about that.  Does this sound familiar?  Is the fear of being successful, of being accountable to your future self holding you back?  Instead of letting fear hold you back from an awesome life, what if

  • you trust yourself
  • you choose to be brave
  • you live joyfully
  • you are grateful
  • you believe in yourself
  • you build upon the seemingly small successes that achieve each day
  • you live with determination
  • you stand up for yourself

What if you take the time to dream about what you really, truly want for yourself?  What will your life be like?

Share your thoughts with us!  We are here to help you live the sisu way:  with determination, character, strength of will, perseverance and courage.


12 thoughts on “What if

  1. Love it! Now me, I’ve had some success at weight loss, and then slowly but steadily regained every blessed pound back. So am I afraid to try again? Sure, a bit. Overwhelmed? Definitely. But what have I got to lose, right? I am finally figuring out that I have to love myself where I am today, right now, and then…Go for the Brass Ring! If I grasp it, great! And if I miss, I can keep trying…See you on Friday morning!

  2. I’ve often wished for “do over days” so I could erase decisions made years ago that were unhealthy. Then I read this post and thought about decisions made and thought “If not why not? If when, why not now”? Your words are encouraging and timely. It’s never too late to turn one’s life on a better course. Thanks for the great post!

    • You are so right – it’s never to late to make better choices than we have in the past. Each new day gives us the opportunity to do better than we did the day before.

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