The Summit of Awesomeness

The Mister with the Masters

Mighty Melody and Karen

Last weekend we attended the “Summit of Strength” in Edmond, Oklahoma. This was the third of an annual a workshop featuring four of the best Master RKC instructors in the world. We were privileged and honored to attend what we are now calling the “Summit of Awesomeness.” We knew from attending last year to expect the best. You’ve heard the expression that “so-and-so person has forgotten more than I know”—that is certainly true of all four of the Master Instructors that were there. Last year was awesome. This year was even awesomer!

So what made this workshop so amazing? We rediscovered bodyweight prowess through a series of exercises, drills and progressions. We learned how to properly perform the bent press—a beautiful expression of strength, mobility and flexibility. We learned how to breathe properly and control our breathing—something that we all take for granted, but is extremely important for building not only endurance but strength, too (yes, you read that correctly). For Karen, the weekend was another step in trusting her body again post-cancer.

Most importantly, we had a lot of fun. The entire weekend, we were encouraged to play and explore. So often we get far too wrapped up in reps and sets and getting through workouts instead of just enjoying the beauty and joy of moving well. We did handstands (something Karen hasn’t done since before cancer), crawled around the gym, climbed ropes (Michael did while Karen stood in awe), played with pull-ups and hanging leg raises, watched as others bent nails, (some for the first time) and of course played with heavy kettlebells. Michael had so much fun, he set a PR by pressing a 32 kg (71 lb) kettlebell. We made many new friends and reconnected with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. It was an amazing and awesome experience.

But the best part of the weekend is not only did we learn how to improve our own training and awesomeness, we came home with an abundance of ideas to help all our awesome clients get even more awesome!